Reunion Announcement


The Association 2020 reunion has been cancelled as a precaution for health concerns of exposure to COVID-19. Registration fees will be refunded as soon as possible. Other reservations and arrangements (travel, hotel, etc.) will have to be cancelled by the members.Contact SAMS TOWN has changed. The following phone number and registration code should be used.

Phone 702-456-7777 Code A0USC09 (note that there are 2 zeros) to cancel




Who Is Online

29 guests


Deceased Enterprise Crew Members and Spouses 

Andrew Malkal, David McClenahan, William Micklos, LCDR Eugene Rice & Jean Rice,  Vernon Stenerson, Donald Vaughn, James Villers,  John E. Wheeling, Robert Young,   Douglas Zeak,  Joe Grimaldi,   Bernard D. Ladd, Jr., Marvin Welch,    Bob Spooner,  Daniel Brooks,  John Jewett,  Fred Brittle,  Donna Smothers, Gabe Curtis, Leonard Ellyson,  Larry Gebbe, Leonard Hadd,  Lloyd Earl Howser,  Larry Hubbard,  James Kloppenburg,  William Newby,  Michael Nelson, Tom Schumacher,  (2018>) Richard Quantz, Fred Houseman,Virginia Spooner (2019>) Gary Ray, Daniel Leckie, Clyde E. Windland, Ben Dickson, Ken Vollmer, Clifton Lee Beardon(PLK), LCDR Hillary "Mitch" Moore Mitchell, Joe Henricks(FG), Martha B Enright(widow of Robert M), (slr),ADM. James L. Holloway III, Chief Ervin H. Parker, Jr, Andrew R. Szewczuk, George Munk